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Incubators provide a controlled, protective setting for cell, tissue cultures and others samples that require a contamination-free contained environment. We have a wide variety of lab incubators from general purpose and refrigerated to BOD and shaking. Many are equipped with see-through doors to view the entire chamber without opening the door and affecting temperature stability. If you have limited space or would like an incubator for personal use, then we have a selection of incubators for you! Our compact incubators are ideal for areas where bench space is limited or small-volume applications are the norm.

Featured Incubators

Gravity Convection Incubators

Cole-Parmer INC-400 Series Gravity Convection Incubators

Easily manage up to eight programs

Mechanical Convection Incubators

Cole-Parmer INC-400 Series Mechanical Convection Incubators

Circulates heat to all levels for more efficient heat distribution

Mini CO2 Digital Incubator

Cole-Parmer Gravity Convection Drying Ovens

Space-saving footprint—ideal for use inside biological safety cabinets

TraceableLIVE and Digi-Sense
Stuart Shaking Incubator