Replacing Deuterium (D2) Lamps on Dionex UltiMate HPLC Systems

How do I change the deuterium lamp on a Dionex UltiMate 3000 Series HPLC system?

Deuterium d2 detector lamp for dionex

If the lamp on your Dionex UltiMate 3000 Series HPLC system fails, follow the instructions below to replace your Deuterium lamp.

  1. Turn off the power to the detector. The deuterium lamp emits UV radiation that is harmful to the eyes when switched on.
  2. Allow the lamp and lamp housing to cool.
  3. Open the front panel on the detector.
  4. You will see two knurled head screws on the flow cell cover and a further two screws on the tubing bracket, remove these four screws and then remove the cover and bracket.
  5. You will find that the flow cell inlet tubing is pushed into the tubing guide in the lamp cover, remove this.
  6. To remove the flow cell, squeeze the handle and pull to release it from the optical bench.
  7. Carefully move the flow cell tubing out of the way and remove the four screws on the lamp cover.
  8. Remove the outer cover and set it aside.
  9. You will see two crosshead screws that hold the metal connector in place on the right, remove these and the cover.
  10. To remove the lamp, squeeze the clip on the connector and disconnect from the 6-pin bulkhead connector that is on the side wall.
  11. After loosening the three captive screws in the lamp flange the lamp should simply pull out of the optical bench.
  12. Remove the new lamp from it's packaging and check it for fingerprints and dust. If necessary you can clean the lamp with isopropyl alcohol.
  13. To insert the new lamp first line up the lamp flange with the two locating pins and three threaded holes in the optical bench.
  14. When the flange is aligned, gently push the lamp into place. As opposed to many other optical detectors, the PDA-3000 deuterium lamp forward light beam points away from the flow cell when installed correctly.
  15. To ensure proper performance, the lamp must be fully seated. When the lamp is fully seated, tighten the captive screws in the flange.
  16. Squeeze the clip on the UV lamp connector and insert it back into the 6-pin bulkhead connector on the side wall.
  17. Replace the lamp cover and reroute the wires through the guides on the lamp cover inside taking care not to pinch the UV lamp connector wires under the lamp cover.
  18. To replace the flow cell, squeeze the handle and insert it into the optical bench. Release the handle and pull the flow cell forward slightly until it clicks. If the flow cell does not click into place at first, try rotating the handle slightly.
  19. Thread the flow cell inlet tubing through the tubing guide on the lamp cover and reinstall the tubing bracket.
  20. Thread the flow cell outlet tubing through the slot on the side of the flow cell cover and replace the cover. Tighten the two screws on the cover fingertight. Take care not to pinch the tubing under the flow cell cover.

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