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I've forgotten my Password. How do I reset or change it?

Simply click the Forgot Password? link on the SIGN IN page. Then enter the email address used for your User ID at the time you registered and click the RESET PASSWORD button.

You will be sent an email with a link to reset your Password. After clicking the link you will be taken to a page on our web site where you can enter a new password.


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Why Should I Register for an Online Account?

Registration is not mandatory to shop online. However, only registered users will have access to advanced functions. The opportunity to register for the site is available at the top of every page at the SIGN IN button or on the SIGN IN screen. 

The registration process is quick and easy. It will take you less than 1 minute to complete. When finished, you will have access to the following features:
  • Full account records, including invoicing and quotes.
  • Sortable history and tracking for both web and non-web orders.
  • Establish multiple billing and shipping addresses for quick, convenient checkout.
  • Create Lists to organize your upcoming orders. You can even email a List.
  • Create Quick Lists of your favorite catalog items for fast ordering.
  • Registered customers will save time on checkout steps with their next order.


NOTE: If you have done business with us in the past, you can express register by entering an order, quote or invoice number. Then you only need to create a User ID and password, and you are done!

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How do I edit my account information?

Once you are a registered member, you can modify your account information anytime. To edit the information:
  1. Sign into the site with your current User ID and Password.
  2. Under the My Account menu located at the top of every page, select the "My Account Profile" link.
  3. Verify your information in the Account Profile section. To modify your information, click on an Edit button.
  4. When you are finished making your changes click the Save button.

Your registration address is used as a mailing address only. If you want to change either your shipping or billing information see "How do I edit my Shipping/Billing addresses?".





How can I set up where Cole-Parmer sends business communications?

The My Account - Communication Preferences page simplifies how you can choose the information you want to receive and how we should communicate with you. With transaction notifications you can choose to receive them via email or fax. In addition, you can choose to receive free printed publications (our catalog) or subscribe to our emails so you know about all our special offers and new products. Just select what you are interested in.





How do I edit my shipping/billing addresses?

Once you are a registered member, the address given becomes your default shipping and billing address. You can edit these addresses or add new ones. To edit the information, you must:
  1. Sign into the site with your current User ID and Password.
  2. Click on Addresses located under the My Account menu.
  3. Verify your information in your address list. To modify any address click Edit next to that address.
You can add new addresses here too. Under the Additional Addresses section, click Add new address for either shipping or billing.

You can change your designated default shipping or billing address here as well. Note you can only have one default shipping and one default billing address. Your default addresses are used to pre-populate forms elsewhere on the site - saving you time!





Help! I can’t find the product I want to purchase.

If you are having difficulty finding a certain product, here are some tips to help you locate it:

  1. Search by our item number (example: AB-12345-67 or 12345-67), enter the item number in the Search box and hit enter.
  2. Search by keyword, enter the product name or keyword in the Search box. We will attempt to match your search terms to our product names. You can hit enter or choose one of our suggestions. We will take you to results that best match your search.
  3. Along with the search results you get a list of related searches to help you find products you may have not considered.
  4. You can browse our product listings under the main PRODUCTS menu. Hover over or tap on the categories shown and you will see the menu of sub-categories.
  5. We also offer filters so you can narrow down your results by the specifications that matter to you most.
  6. Trying to decide between a few options? Use our Compare feature. Select up to 4 items to view side-by-side in a table. You can even highlight the differences.
  7. Besides browsing alphabetically or by category you can shop by industries/market and by brand name.
  8. If you still can't find what you're looking for on our Web site, our Custom Ordering Solutions can help! We can easily source the modified product you need, and we have access to our suppliers' full lines for products beyond what we offer on our Web site.
  9. Our highly trained Application Specialists are ready to provide you with additional product specifications and guide you through the product selection process. Please contact us





Need to order accessories or other related parts and services?

Many products have accessories and replacement parts. To find the accessories or replacement parts for a particular item:
  1. Go to the Item Details page for the product for which you need to find an accessory or replacement part.
  2. You will see a link for ALL SPECIFICATIONS, as well as links for accessories, replacement parts, calibration options and related items for that particular product.





Viewing item pricing

If you have signed in as a Registered Member, item pricing will automatically appear as you browse products on our site. Otherwise you will browse the site as a guest and all information will be based on the country from which you are shopping. (See the country name located in the upper left corner of the screen.) To change the country click on the flag or country/language link. This will direct you to the change country option. Once you are there, you can:
  1. Browse as a guest: Select the country in which you reside from the pull-down list of countries provided and click APPLY.
  2. Signed in: To activate this option, sign in using the User ID and Password entry fields, and click on the SIGN IN button. Note: If you have forgotten your Password, click on the Forgot Password? link and you will be led through a process which will allow you to reset your forgotten Password via email.
  3. Register: To activate this option, click on the REGISTER button. Once complete this will allow you to access the full features of our site.





Adding an item to the shopping cart

The shopping cart displays a list of products you wish to purchase. At any time, you can add, update, or delete items from the cart. There are several ways to add items to the shopping cart:
  1. Select an item you wish to purchase, click on Add to Cart located in the description of the product. When you add items in this way you will see a confirmation of what you added, from here you can choose to continue shopping or proceed to checkout.
  2. If you have a list of item numbers to order go to the Quick Order Form.
  3. If you are currently viewing the shopping cart, you can add an item to the cart by simply typing in the product item number in the QUICK ADD field, and click on the Add to Cart icon.





Viewing items in the shopping cart

Anytime you add items to your shopping cart the "Cart Summary", shown upon hover of the cart icon, will update to display the number of items and subtotal of the order you are building. NOTE: "ITEMS IN CART" refers to the number of unique item numbers. So, if you add a 3 each of # AB-12345-67 to your cart, the summary will show "1 ITEMS IN CART".





The checkout process

After you have placed the item(s) you want to order into the shopping cart, you can proceed to checkout. The checkout process starts on the shopping cart page.
  1. You can get to the shopping cart by clicking on the Shopping Cart icon at the top of the page.
  2. Click on the Checkout button to start the checkout process. If you have not done so already, you will be given an opportunity to sign in, which will save you time. However, you can always checkout as a guest.
  3. Address Step- Let us know what address you would like the order shipped to and where the billing should be sent to. If you are signed in, your default addresses will already be set. You can always choose a different address, however it may alter the pricing and availability of the items in your cart. If so, we will send you back to the cart so you can review any changes before proceeding.
  4. Ship & Pay Step- Next you will be asked how you want your order shipped, what your preferred payment method is, and if there are any special instructions.
  5. Review & Submit Step- Review your order carefully. When you are finished, place your order by clicking on the Place Order button.
  6. You will then see an order confirmation screen with your Order Reference Number and email notifications you selected. Please write down or print out this Order Refernce Number so you can later look up the status of your order.





Checking status of an order, shipment details, quote, or invoice

This function allows customers who have placed an order to check on the status of that order online. It also allows customers to view shipped orders until 60 days past the paid date, at which time the orders are removed from the accessible database.
  1. How do I find an order I placed?
  2. You can use the Order Status button located in the top right corner of the page and on the My Account main page. If you are signed in you will automatically go to the Order History page. There you can search past orders by Order number, and filter by status, and time frame. The orders are displayed by order date, but you can also sort by Order number, PO#, Status, or Order total.

    You can then view the individual order details by clicking on the order number, or view shipment details by clicking on the Shipment Details button for that order. If there is an invoice for the order it will be listed on the order details screen with a link to view the invoice.

    Look up specific orders using the Order Status function by clicking on the Order Search button and when the Order Search screen opens, by entering the reference number provided at the time you submitted the order. You will also need to provide one of three additional pieces of information: the Account number, Purchase Order (P.O.) number, or zip code used with the order.
    • Can I see my order in detail?
    • To see your order in detail, access the Order Details screen by using the Order Status function.

      The Order Details screen provides a snapshot of the order you are seeking, displaying its status as of the date viewed. Included on this page are such pertinent details as invoice numbers and dates; itemized product list and pricing; customer, shipping, and billing addresses; shipment methods; and payment status. (NOTE: Special instructions will not be displayed here.)





How can I reorder items included in past orders?

When the Order Details screen is displayed, you will see a Reorder selected items button. This will add any items you have selected using the checkbox to the left of any item available for purchase. By clicking this button, the item will be added to your current Shopping Cart.

You can also reorder all the items at once using the Select All Items link. However, if an item is not currently available on our web site you will have to contact us to reorder that item.





How do I track my shipments?

To track your shipment, click on the View Shipment Info link for the specific order you are tracking- located on the Order History page. The Shipment tracking number(s) will show for each shipment made against an order. Click on the number to be taken to the carrier website details for your delivery (if available). You can also go to the Order Details screen to see a complete breakdown of how and when the items in your order were shipped and what is left to be shipped. The display also includes any invoices sent against each shipment.

If complete transportation charges are not available at the time of the shipment, you will see "FREIGHT TO FOLLOW" instead of an amount. In that case charges will be billed by us when received from the carrier.

If your order was fulfilled by one of our dealers, you will be given their contact information instead of the Shipment Details screen. Please contact the dealer regarding any questions you may have regarding your order.




Need to change a submitted order?

If you need to make changes to a submitted order,
please contact [email protected] or call 1-800-323-4340.

In Canada, please contact [email protected] or call 800-363-5900.
In China, please contact [email protected] or call 86-21-51099909.
In Germany, please contact [email protected] or call +49 1801 808 800.
In India, please contact [email protected] or call 91-22-6716-2222.
In the United Kingdom, contact [email protected] or call 0500 345 300.

When inquiring about an order, please include your order reference number, your name, organization, address, and either phone number, fax, or email address.



Our Help and Service FAQs page have the answers to most of your questions. Can't find the answer you need? E-mail or phone us- See Contact Us

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