Compliance Documentation We Provide

Certificate of Analysis

Many of our chemicals have a self-service feature. Simply go back to the specific chemical for which you need documentation, scroll down to the Certificate of Analysis lookup box, and enter the lot number. See a sample certificate.

Certificate of Compliance

Our customer service teams can provide a certificate of resin or elastomer compliance for many of our fittings, tubing, and gasket products. You can request this FREE documentation at the time of purchase by checking the "compliance" option for a specific item. Certificates list your company's PO number, order reference number, catalog number, formulation, compounding number, lot number (where applicable), and the regulations and agencies the fitting, tubing, or gasket complies with, including FDA, USP, USDA, National Formulary, NSF International, GMP, and 3A.

Lot Control

You can request this FREE option when you place your order by checking the "lot control" option for specific items that offer this feature.


An SDS/MSDS will be provided the first time you order a hazardous chemical. If you need additional copies, you can look up the item on our website by searching the item number and then scroll down to the technical resources section. Or you can contact our Customer Service to request a copy by mail.