Mixing Equipment—Sizing Your Mixer Head

Sizing Your Mixer Head

How to Use Our Tables    Laboratory Mixers for Smaller Volumes
Laboratory Mixers for Smaller Volumes

In order to ensure successful operation of a mixer in a specific application, it is necessary to select the proper size mixer, operating speed amd propeller. We offer numerous possibilities. Therefore, we have prepared a reference table, as a guide, to assist you in your selection process.

Mixer Heads

How to Use Our Tables

The models shown represent a minimum recommendation, and obviously, a mixer rated for higher torque values or viscosities can also be selected. Our tables are composed to reflect 80% of the individual unit's peak capacity. Find the viscosity you are mixing along the left-hand side of the charts; find the volume along the top. The model numbers designated in the box where the two parameters intersect represent our base recommendations. Depending on your exact needs, several possibilities exist.

Laboratory Mixers for Smaller Volumes
(Less than 1 Gallon)

Any of our Laboratory Mixers will provide superior mixing in volumes less than 1 gallon, and depending upon the model selected, operating speed and prop selection, will mix viscosities up to 2000 centipoise and higher. For processing fluids with viscosities less than 100 cps, all of our direct drive, high speed mixers will provide satisfactory results. For viscosities above 100 cps we generally recommend a high torque, lower speed mixer.

For Larger Volumes

Use the table below to select the appropriate model.

Typical Materials
to be Mixed
Viscosity (cps) Vessel Volume Range (gallons)
Less than
1 gallon
1-5 6-10 11-25 26-35
Water 1.0 All mixers All mixers All mixers
Toluene 750-0240 750-0240
Citric acid
SAE 10 Oil 100 All mixers 700-5410 750-5410 700-0230
SAE 20 Oil 700-0240 750-0230 700-5010
Olive Oil 745-5050 745-5010
Starch solution
SAE 40 Oil 250 700-5410 700-5410 750-0230 750-0230
Cough syrup 750-0240 750-0230 745-5010 745-5010
Spar varnish 745-5050 745-5010
Latex paint 500 700-5410 700-5410 750-0220
SAE 50 Oil 750-0230 750-0230 745-5040
Glucose 745-5010 745-5020
Castor oil 1000 750-5410 750-0220
SAE 70 Oil 750-0230 745-5040
Glycerine 745-0510
Catsup 2000 750-0210
White glue 745-5030
Molasses (A)