Zefon Preloaded Air Sampling Cassettes with Preweighed PVC Filter Membrane

Easily determine the amount of contaminant collected
  • Preloaded 5 µm, 47-mm diameter PVC filter weighed to ±10 µg!
  • Filter weight and serial number printed on the label
  • PVC filters contain no silica and have very low ash properties
  • Meet NIOSH, ASTM, and OSHA standards
Ensure accuracy while eliminating the inconvenience of preweighing filters by using preweighed, preloaded filter cassettes. Preweighed filters meet the methods for gravimetric analysis requiring filters to be weighed both before and after sampling. Each filter, equilibrated to 68°F (±1.0°F) and 50% (±1%) relative humidity, is weighed using a high-accuracy microbalance to within 0.00001 g. Once weighed, filters are placed into the cassettes and sealed with a red band indicating the weight and a unique serial number.

Since the environmental conditions can have a significant effect on filter weight reading, post sample weighing should be performed under the same environmental conditions. Model 60061-50 with a security band provides the reassurance of tamper resistance.
$342.93 - $403.71CAD / Box of 32

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Diameter (mm) Membrane Support Description
Availability Pricing
47 Cellulose Cassette, 47 mm, 3 Piece, CF, 5.0 µm, PVC Preweighed; 32/Bx
$403.71CAD / Box of 32
37 Cellulose Cassette, 37 mm, 2 Piece, 5.0 µm, PVC Preweighed; 50/BX
$342.93CAD / Box of 50
37 Cellulose Cassette, 37 mm, 3 Piece, 5.0 µm, PVC Preweighed; 50/BX
$346.25CAD / Box of 50
37 Cellulose Cassette, 37 mm, 3 Piece, 5.0 µm, PVC, Preweighed, Security Band; 50/BX
$382.71CAD / Box of 50
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