Shimpo FG-7000T Digital Torque Gauges

Remote sensor adds testing flexibility
  • Operate in four modes: track, peak, first peak, and preset
  • Log data point-by-point or continuously with the 1000 data point memory
  • View readings numerically or graphically on the 180° auto-reversible display
  • Send data to a printer, to a PC using the included USB cable and free software, or to the comparator output
The FG-7000T series remote torque sensor allows for operation vertically or horizontally, and any angle in between, in both CW/CWW directions. The digital, backlit display automatically rotates, up to 180°, for easy viewing in any position. The compact meter fits in your hand for portable testing, or may be mounted in a test stand for repetitive testing.
Four operating modes add to the flexibility of this versatile meter. Track mode provides live readings, the peak mode displays the maximum reading only, the first peak mode shows only the initial peak once a decrease is sensed, and preset mode allows for go/no go testing based on user-programmed tolerance alarms. The comparator output integrates easily into quality testing system, or use the 1000 point memory and USB output to transfer and analyze data on a PC.
$1,944.87CAD / Each

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Capacity (lb-in) Capacity (N-cm)
Availability Pricing
Shimpo FG-7000T-1 Digital Torque Meter with Remote Sensor; 1 N-m RK-25301-81 Mfr # FG-7000T-1
8.9 100
$1,944.87CAD / Each
Shimpo FG-7000T-2 Digital Torque Meter with Remote Sensor; 5 N-m RK-25301-82 Mfr # FG-7000T-2
44.3 500
$1,944.87CAD / Each
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