Shimpo English Force Gauges

These mechanical force gauges are ideal for measuring push/pull forces in quality control / material testing, manufacturing assembly, maintenance and inspection
  • Rugged and economical
  • Measure tension and compression forces
  • Real time mode shows force changes as they occur
  • PEAK mode captures peak forces
  • No dead batteries to worry about
  • Easily mounts to a test stand
  • Accurate to 0.2% of full scale
  • Optional handle assembly
No batteries are required - the calibration is accomplished by a set of precisely matched springs which are overload protected to 165 pounds? They can be used anywhere without ''recharging.''

The PEAK mode features an easy push-button reset. This is especially helpful for doing repetitive testing in an assembly line or quality control lab. The real time mode allows you to see force changes as they occur. Since the gauge is mechanical, the response time is immediate.

These gauges are accurate to 0.2% of full scale, plus a dicast aluminum housing for added protection. All gauges come complete with carrying case and attachments. Ergonomically designed for handheld use, they can also be used with the optional handle (great for loads over 15 lbs) or mounted to a test stan
$663.03CAD / Each

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Capacity (lbs) Grads. Description
Availability Pricing
Shimpo MF-2 Analog Mechanical Force Gauge; 2 lb RK-93953-00 Mfr # MF-2
2 0.01 lbs Analog Mechanical Force Gauge; 2 lb
$663.03CAD / Each
Shimpo MF-30 Analog Mechanical Force Gauge; 30 lb RK-93953-40 Mfr # MF-30
30 0.2 lbs Analog Mechanical Force Gauge; 30 lb
$663.03CAD / Each
Shimpo MF-50 Analog Mechanical Force Gauge; 50 lb RK-93953-50 Mfr # MF-50
50 0.25 bs Analog Mechanical Force Gauge; 50 lb
$663.03CAD / Each
Shimpo MF-100 Analog Mechanical Force Gauge; 100 lb RK-93953-60 Mfr # MF-100
100 0.5 lbs Analog Mechanical Force Gauge; 100 lb
$663.03CAD / Each
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