Get Superior Sample Preparation with Cole-Parmer Equipment (Formerly known as Spex SamplePrep)

Flawed Sample Prep = Flawed Results. What goes into your analysis impacts what comes out. Subpar sample preparation can derail experiments through contamination, poor homogeneity, or inadequate extraction. Don't let hasty prep bottleneck your lab.
At Cole-Parmer, we get it - solid preparation is the foundation for reliable analytics. Our specialized equipment optimizes:

• Tissue disruption for protein and nucleic acid extraction
• Pulverization for improved digestion and dissolution
• Blending for homogenous subsampling
• Processing for representative analytical portions

With Cole-Parmer homogenizers, grinders, mills, and presses, you can transform diverse raw materials into high-quality samples ready for seamless analysis by AA, ICP, GC/MS, PCR, XRF, and beyond. Take the first step toward flawless analytics - equip your lab with Cole-Parmer's sample preparation instruments. Browse our collection of sample preparation equipment today.

Cole-Parmer Tissue Homogenization and Cell Lysis

Tissue Homogenization and Cell Lysis Equipment

• Sample preparation by mechanical disruption through bead beating
• Ideal for high-throughput applications for DNA/RNA extraction, protein extraction, and pesticide residue analysis
Cole-Parmer Lab Milling and Grinding

Lab Milling and Grinding Equipment

• Cryogenic grinders are specifically designed for milling and grinding of tough or temperature sensitive samples
• Samples are placed in sealed vials and immersed in liquid nitrogen
Cole-Parmer Lab Mixing and Blending

Lab Mixing and Blending Equipment

• Mills are ideal for pulverizing hard, brittle samples to analytical fineness
• Create homogeneous mixtures for reliable results
Cole-Parmer Lab Mixing and Blending

Pressing and Pelletizing Equipment

• Hydraulic laboratory pellet press accepts all standard die sets
• Ideal for pressing sample pellets for XRF, IR, and other analytical methods


Sample Preparation Workflows for Accurate Lab Analysis


Make sure your molecule of interest is released and evenly mixed. This is the process of breaking down your sample to create a uniform mixture and helps reduce sample heterogeneity, ensuring you get consistent results from your analysis.

These techniques reduce the particle size of your sample. This makes it easier to analyze and can improve the accuracy of your results. By breaking down larger particles into smaller ones, milling and grinding helps you get a more uniform sample for analysis.

These techniques are perfect for when you need to combine two or more samples to create a homogeneous mixture. They help you create a consistent mixture by thoroughly combining different samples, ensuring you get reliable results from your analysis.



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