Thermo Scientific Peltier-Cooled Drosophila (Fruit Fly) Incubators

Preferred incubator for optimal fruit fly development and growth
  • Operates within the temperature range preferred by fruit flies — typically 16 to 29°C
  • Program temperature and light cycles to simulate night/day
  • Mechanical convection provides exceptional temperature uniformity allowing for effective space utilization
  • Independent thermostat provides over-temperature alarm to keep populations safe
Drosophila (fruit flies) are primarily used in genetic research; they are easy to care for, breed quickly, and lay many eggs. The development and reproduction of fruit flies varies with temperature and light. These incubating chambers operate within the temperature range preferred by fruit flies and include interior LED lights. Both temperature and light cycles are programmable for an ideal reproduction environment to mimic day and night cycles. Built-in controller allows for 40-step ramp/soak profiles or four files with 10 steps per file.

Peltier (thermoelectric) cooling system replaces a refrigeration compressor — the most commonly serviced part on standard incubators. Peltier cooling also consumes 75% less power and does not use refrigerant gases versus conventional models with compressors. This innovative technology is "greener" and saves you money since there is no compressor to replace or recharge, and also excludes the need for any heating coils, elminatinh deterioration from fly secretions.

Heavy-duty shelves have a 75-pound capacity to handle the increased load without sagging and the corrosion-resistant painted stainless steel interior is easy to clean. Additional shelves are available as accessories in stationary and pull-out versions. Included access ports can be used for additional monitoring. Units come standard with RS-485 interface and independent over-temperature thermostat with alarm.
$11,171.24CAD / Each

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Thermo Scientific 3915FL Drosophila (Fruit Fly) Incubator, 6.5 cu ft; 120 VAC RK-39354-00 Mfr # 3915FL
6.5 120
$11,171.24CAD / Each
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