Self-Cleaning Industrial pH Electrodes with In-Line Assemblies

Flat measuring surface allows particles to sweep by minimizing abrasion and extending electrode life
  • Turbulent flow provides a scrubbing action which cleans the measurement surface
  • No moving parts and no need for external power simplifies installation
  • Flat surface allows viscous fluids to flow by in shear preventing build up of old material and increasing measurement accuracy
  • Extended electrode life means overall long-term cost savings
Rugged combination electrodes with flat measuring surfaces are ideal for industrial pH applications. In both coating and abrasive applications these cartridge type electrodes can improve measurement accuracy, reduce maintenance, prolong electrode life and virtually eliminate breakage. Electrodes have a unique and innovative design. In the center of the measuring surface is the pH-responsive flat glass surface. This surface is surrounded by the flat porous plastic reference junction. The large area of this porous junction has thousands of pores that provide excellent sample contact. Built into the electrode’s body is a sealed, gel-filled double junction reference design. This design provides an extra barrier against reference side contamination. Also, it allows the electrodes to be used in applications where sulfides, mercaptans, heavy metal ions and similar materials are present. In-line mountings are ideal for replacing existing 3⁄4" threaded electrodes. They are useful in piping systems where flow can be shut off for electrode maintenance and where flow rates match the applications needs; for example, turbulent flow is needed in self-cleaning applications. A simple, re-usable 3⁄4" MNPT gland is used to mount the electrode in mating openings.
$546.26 - $909.82CAD / Each

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pH Electrode Housing, in-line, self-cleaning, CPVC
$546.26CAD / Each
In-Line pH Electrodes with CPVC Housing, 100 Ohms RTD
$909.82CAD / Each
In-Line pH Electrodes with CPVC Housing, 1 k Ohms RTD
$889.93CAD / Each
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