MLA Macro Fixed-Volume Pipettors

Ideal for tasks requiring high accuracy and large volumes
  • Convenient, color-coded, fixed-volume pipets
  • High accuracy and precision
  • Simple single-stroke procedure
Reconstitute your reagents, controls, or dilutions using these precise MLA Macro Pipettors. Calibrated "to deliver" instruments—they have a fixed stroke and consistently deliver the stated or calibrated volume when the plunger is fully depressed. Each pipet can be adjusted to deliver above or below its stated volume within ±10%. Calibration is accomplished readily by inserting a small key into the plunger and turning the key.
These pipettes are color-coded for easy identification and come with the stated volume engraved onto the piston assembly. Constructed of aluminum alloy and stainless steel, these pipettors withstand years of use and provide exceptional performance for a wide range of fluids — including dense or viscous samples.
$422.86 - $518.63CAD / Each

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Accuracy (%) Color Code Max Volume (mL)
Availability Pricing
VistaLab 1065 Fixed Volume Pipette, 1.0 mL, Grey; Each RK-06199-15 Mfr # 1065
±0.75% Gray 1
$436.12CAD / Each
VistaLab 1066 Fixed Volume Pipette, 2.0 mL, Red; Each RK-06199-17 Mfr # 1066
±0.75% Red 2
$422.86CAD / Each
VistaLab 1067 Fixed Volume Pipette, 3.0 mL, Green; Each RK-06199-19 Mfr # 1067
±0.75% Green 3
$436.12CAD / Each
VistaLab 1068 Fixed Volume Pipette, 4.0 mL, White; Each RK-06199-21 Mfr # 1068
±0.75% White 4
$422.86CAD / Each
VistaLab 1069 Fixed Volume Pipette, 5.0 mL, Yellow; Each RK-06199-23 Mfr # 1069
±0.75% Yellow 5
$436.12CAD / Each
VistaLab 1070 Fixed Volume Pipette, 10.0 mL, Red; Each RK-06199-25 Mfr # 1070
±0.75% Red 10
$503.90CAD / Each
VistaLab 1077 Fixed Volume Pipette, 7.0 mL, Red; Each RK-06199-29 Mfr # 1077
±0.75% Red 7
$503.90CAD / Each
VistaLab 1079 Fixed Volume Pipette, 9.0 mL, Red; Each RK-06199-33 Mfr # 1079
±0.75% Red 9
$518.63CAD / Each
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