DOT Approved Intermediate Bulk Containers

Stackable polyethylene IBC’s deliver durable, long-lasting performance
  • UN/DOT certified
  • Four-way forklift access
  • 2” bottom drain valve
The plastic resin and processing techniques used with these IBC’s ensure the container wall thickness of ½" or more is cured optimally. The physical properties of the polyethylene are maximized to consistently deliver a durable and long-lasting product. The all-plastic construction of these tanks also resists the corrosion attack and associated maintenance costs common in metal or composite IBC constructions. These heavy-duty IBC’s actually weigh less than comparative material alternatives, which reduce a filled IBC's payload freight and handling expenses. IBC’s are DOT and UN approved to handle and transport hazardous liquids weighing up to 16 lbs. per gallon. Stack full tanks two high for transportation and three high for storage. All tanks have a 6” fill cap, except for model 06960-22 and -24, which have a 10” fill cap.
$2,609.37 - $3,210.52CAD / Each

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Material Volume (Gal) Wall thickness (in)
Availability Pricing
Snyder 66108 Standard square stackable tank, 330 gallons RK-06960-04 Mfr # 66108
Polyethylene 330 0.5
$2,609.37CAD / Each
Snyder 66345 Premium square stackable tank, 220 gallons RK-06960-06 Mfr # 66345
Polyethylene 220 0.5
$3,210.52CAD / Each
Snyder 66145 Premium square stackable tank, 330 gallons RK-06960-10 Mfr # 6610056b97204
Polyethylene 330 0.5
$3,080.86CAD / Each
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