Cole-Parmer® Spex® Freezer/Mill® Cryogenic Grinders

Grind the toughest samples at cryogenic temperatures
  • Reach cryogenic temperatures in minutes
  • Dual grinding and cooling chambers
  • User-friendly touch screen controls
  • 20 user-defined programs for easy quick recall
  • Enhanced safety features
The Freezer/Mill® programmable cryogenic grinder pulverizes through the toughest samples at cryogenic temperatures. Samples are placed in a vial and immersed in a self-contained insulated liquid nitrogen (LN2) tub, reaching cryogenic temperatures in minutes, where they are then pulverized with a magnetically driven impactor. The closed grinding vial impactor prevents sample cross-contamination. The dual grinding and cooling chambers allow you to pre-cool and grind two sets of samples simultaneously.

Grind temperature sensitive samples while maintaining constant temperature, as the sample never leaves the enclosed liquid nitrogen bath. Enhanced safety features include a liquid nitrogen sensor and lid interlock. If the lid is opened while in process, grinding will stop. Auto-fill system is available for automated liquid nitrogen filling.

The large, high-resolution touch screen controls all parameters of the run. Store up to 20 user-defined grinding programs for quick and easy recall. The user-friendly interface allows you to view training videos, user manual, and run history, which can be transferred to a computer using a thumb drive.

Purchase liquid nitrogen, extractor, and sample vials separately.
$16,943.99 - $32,407.21CAD / Each

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Capacity Tubes Held Description
Availability Pricing
0.1 to 5 g 3 Freezer/Mill® Compact Cryogenic Grinder, 0.1 to 5 g; 230 VAC
$16,943.99CAD / Each
0.1 to 100 g 4 Freezer/Mill® Large Cryogenic Grinder, 0.1 to 100 g; 230 VAC
$24,900.29CAD / Each
0.1 to 100 g 4 Freezer/Mill® Large Cryogenic Grinder with Liquid Nitrogen Autofill, 0.1 to 100 g; 230 VAC
$27,994.41CAD / Each
0.1 to 200 g capacity (0.1 to 100 g per chamber) 4 Freezer/Mill® Dual-Chamber High-Capacity Cryogenic Grinder, 0.1 to 200 g; 230 VAC
$32,407.21CAD / Each
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