Cole-Parmer® PolarSafe® Cryogenic Storage Dewars with Racks

Safely store samples for up to 200 days without liquid nitrogen refill
  • Liquid nitrogen dewars available in sizes from 2L to 115L
  • Ultra low evaporation loss enhances cryogen protection
  • Durable aluminum construction
  • Dual handles aid mobility
  • 5 year vacuum warranty
Facilitating cryogenic management, these PolarSafe® storage dewars come with stainless steel racks to accommodate boxes or canisters (depending on model). With high thermal efficiency, each unit provides long term storage in liquid nitrogen for up to 200 days without refill, under normal operating conditions (may vary by model).

The 95L and 115L models feature a lockable lid with temp and fluid level display.
$531.89 - $8,996.52CAD / Each

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Static Holding Time (days) Volume (Liters) Description
Availability Pricing
66 95
$7,567.33CAD / Each
80 115
$8,996.52CAD / Each
71 30
$1,679.66CAD / Each
76 35
$1,880.05CAD / Each
130 47
$2,454.67CAD / Each
21 2
$531.89CAD / Each
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