Additel 761 Automated Pressure Calibrators

Portable turn-key solution for field and laboratory pressure calibration
  • Fully automated pressure calibrator with built-in pressure generator/controller to 375 psi (25 bar)
  • Accuracy of ±0.02% full-scale
  • Dual pressure modules for maximum accuracy
  • Built-in filter and liquid trap with venting system prevents calibrator contamination
  • Portable — weighs only 12.4 lb (5.6 kg)
  • Data logging and HART communications
  • Pressure units: psi, in. Hg, mm Hg, kPa, mPa, Pa, mbar, bar, kgf/cm2, in. H2O, mm H2O
The perfect solution for calibrating gauges, transmitters, and switches in the field or in the laboratory.This portable unit contains a high-performance electronic pump and precision pressure controller that automatically generates from 90% vacuum to 375 psi with 0.005% full-scale stability and ±0.02% full-scale accuracy. Two integrated pressure modules with different ranges provide maximum calibrator accuracy.

Optional external pressure modules can be used with the 761 calibrator to measure pressures up to 10,000 psi (700 bar) with ±0.025% full-scale accuracy; contact us for details.
The 761 calibrator also features HART communications capability, supplies 24 volt loop power, and reads the current or voltage produced by the pressure transducers. A built-in filter and liquid trap blocks solid particles and a small amount of liquid that can be blown out through its venting system, preventing contamination.

A large 7" LCD color screen (800 x 480) and intuitive icon-driven menu provide an easy-to-learn user interface. The calibrator is easily programmed to run through calibration ranges automatically or in preset steps. Multilingual interface contains English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, and simplified Chinese languages. Internal memory stores 120 tasks or files.
$17,555.44 - $24,310.94CAD / Each

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Additel 761-D-N Automated Pressure Calibrator, -25-25mbar,-1-1bar,1/4NPTF RK-16101-08 Mfr # ADT761-D-N
module 1: ­10 to 10 inches water ( ­25 to 25 mbar); module 2: ­15 to 15 psi ( ­1 to 1 bar) module 1 ±0.05%FS, module 2 ±0.02%FS
$20,804.27CAD / Each
Additel 761-L-N Automated Pressure Calibrator, -1-2.5bar, 0-7bar,1/4NPTF RK-16101-10 Mfr # ADT761-L-N
module 1: ­15 to 35 psi ( ­1 to 2.5 bar); module 2: 0 to 100 psi (0 to 7 bar) module 1: ±0.02%FS, module 2: ±0.02%FS
$17,555.44CAD / Each
Additel 761-M-N Automated Pressure Calibrator, -1-2.5bar, 0-25bar,1/4NPTF RK-16101-12 Mfr # ADT761-M-N
module 1: ­15 to 35 psi ( ­1 to 2.5 bar); module 2: 0 to 375 psi (0 to 25 bar) module 1: ±0.02%FS, module 2: ±0.02%FS
$24,310.94CAD / Each
Additel 761-LLP Automated Pressure Calibrator, -10"-10" water RK-16107-36 Mfr # ADT761-LLP
module 1: to 1 to 1 inch water, module 2: to 10 to 10 inch water module 1: ±0.05%FS, module 2: ±0.05%FS
$24,060.46CAD / Each
Additel 761-LA-N Automated Pressure Calibrator, -0.95-7bar,abs/g,1/4 NPTF RK-16107-38 Mfr # ADT761-LA-N
module 1: to 13.5 to 35 psig, 1.2 to 50 psia; module 2: to 13.5 to 100 psig, 1.2 to 115 psia module 1: ±0.02%FS (psig), ±0.03%FS (psia); module 2: ±0.02%FS (psig), ±0.025%FS (psia)
$18,800.46CAD / Each
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