Cold chain technologies for effective vaccines


By Mary Vessele, Product Marketing Manager, Test & Measurement, Cole-Parmer

Vaccines protect you when they are properly handled and stored

The importance of vaccines is evident when you think about the impact that Measles, Mumps, Smallpox, Polio, Diphtheria, Tetanus, Yellow Fever and even the common Influenza has on our population. We all take for granted the benefits vaccines have because we don’t have to deal with the tragic disabilities brought on by these diseases any more thanks to the benefits of vaccinations. When a vaccine is given, the last thing most people are thinking about is “what if it doesn’t work”.  We all assume that it will, and we will be protected. We take for granted the technology involved in getting the vaccine to the dispensary and the impact it has on the vaccine’s effectiveness.

Technology’s role in protecting vaccines

How does technology play a role in protecting our vaccines? During the time a vaccine travels to the dispensary, the vaccine is at risk of losing potency if not handled appropriately. It actually can become less potent and rendered ineffective if it is not kept at its ideal temperature throughout the cold chain. Thanks to the IoT and new technologies in monitoring devices, we are able to examine a record of the temperature levels the vaccines are kept throughout the entire cold chain to ensure they stay within regulated ranges for efficacy. Once the vaccines arrive at the dispensary, the monitoring is continued to ensure that the refrigeration systems used to store them are at the appropriate temperature level. Can you imagine the impact of giving your child an ineffective vaccine; one not kept refrigerated at appropriate temperature ranges for its entire cold chain journey?

Using data loggers to monitor temperature ranges of vaccines

Guidelines for vaccine storage and handling has evolved over the years. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has requirements in place and recommends data loggers be used to monitor the temperature range of all vaccines. The CDC put together an informative Toolkit that you can reference for guidance. When you need data loggers (DDLs) for vaccine storage to meet CDC recommendations, look to Cole-Parmer, Digi-Sense® and Traceable®. We offer multiple solutions for vaccine storage temperature measurement and monitoring including DDLs with NIST-Traceable Calibration—accredited calibration you can trust. We also provide DDLs equipped with TraceableLIVE® cloud-based connectivity, so you can monitor your vaccine’s environment from anywhere.

You can be assured that your vaccinations have been monitored with products such as Cole-Parmer’s innovative products during the time they were in transit to you!

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