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Flir Bench Top Test Kit Webinar 2015

Jul 30 2015 4:34PM

Articles and White Papers
How to Store, Clean, and Recondition pH Electrodes
Taking care of your pH electrodes will ensure proper functioning, as well as enhance their longevity.
Jun 17 2015 10:17AM

Articles and White Papers
Analyzing Samples for Metals
Manufacturers with NPDES permits must detect and quantify specified metals on a regular basis. What equipment is used to detect metals?
May 1 2015 4:13PM

Articles and White Papers
Don't Risk Your Safety: Respirators to Reduce Exposure
For those working around hazardous substances, infectious agents, fumes and gases, and other airborne risks, the danger is real and the hazards can be fatal.
May 1 2015 4:49PM

Articles and White Papers
Now You Can Pump the Most Aggressive Chemicals with Peristaltic Pumps
Because a new fluoropolymer-lined tubing is capable of pumping corrosive fluids, peristaltic pump technology is a viable option for applications that could not manage it before.
May 1 2015 3:56PM

Articles and White Papers
Measuring Color Accurately
Color meters and spectrophotometers provide unbiased results with comparisons to industry scales, CIE values, and spectral data.
Mar 25 2015 10:00AM

Articles and White Papers
Enhancing Workplace Safety a Necessity
Preventing injuries before they occur not only protects workers but also limits expenses from workers' compensation and loss of productivity.
Feb 16 2015 4:45PM

Articles and White Papers
Getting the Centrifuge You Need
When looking for a centrifuge, scan these six types and consider these features to help you make the best choice.
Feb 16 2015 4:24PM

Articles and White Papers
What’s Most Important When Measuring Turbidity?
Discover the tools--what works effectively and what doesn't--and best practices for measuring turbidity.
Feb 16 2015 4:15PM

Articles and White Papers
La façon la plus simple de choisir la tubulure de pompe : l'acronyme « DTAMP », tout simplement.
A réussi résulte de choix de tubes dans un système qui délivre des performances optimales et empêche la refonte et le dépannage plus tard.
Dec 23 2014 1:52PM

Articles and White Papers
Masterflex Integrated Pump Systems: An Easier Solution
What if an integrated system, including all the parts, was custom-configured—and arrived completely assembled and ready to connect? This time-saving solution is the Masterflex® Integrated Pump Systems.
Dec 23 2014 1:53PM

Articles and White Papers
Reclaiming Your Budget with Reconditioned Instruments
Consider reconditioned or “like new” equipment. Some items are available at radically reduced prices, yet still carry either a full manufacturer’s warranty or a three-month warranty.
Dec 23 2014 1:53PM

Articles and White Papers
Utiliser les Services FEO pour créer un système sur mesure de pompe péristaltique
Pour atteindre l'objectif d'applications spécialisées qui ne peuvent pas compter sur un traditionnel, modulaire, ou système "off-the-shelf", services OEM étapes pour fournir une solution efficace
Dec 23 2014 1:52PM

Articles and White Papers
What Makes a Cleanroom a Clean Room?
Manufacturers create a controlled environment—a cleanroom—to limit exposure to contaminants. While not always sterile, a cleanroom follows accepted standards for maximum particulates per cubic meter.
Dec 23 2014 1:53PM

Articles and White Papers
Gear Pumps Overview
An overview of gear pump technology with its advantages and limitations, as well as a discussion of some of the applications most appropriately handled by gear pumps.
Dec 23 2014 1:53PM

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